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    Day Trading and Hypnosis

    Day Trading and Hypnosis

    Using hypnosis to help you become a better day trader may sound a bit scary.  But in reality anyway that you can use your mind more effectively will make you a better day trader and that is exactly what hypnosis can do for you.

    Day trading requires a great deal of discipline. When I speak of discipline I am not just talking about the ability to have an organized day or work for a certain number of hours.  I am talking about the ability to do the right thing when emotions begin to become frayed.

    Trading tends to hook into the emotions due to the fact that you are dealing with money. There is a very similar mentality among ineffective traders and gamblers.  The gambling mentality of chasing the money and belief in “luck” can cause the day-trader to make bad choices and compound losses.   The true professional does not “play the result” but instead takes the right action at the time.

    When I work with day traders we work on the ability to look at their business like a business.  No magic thinking but instead magical results.  hypnosis is all about getting a specific result and therefore works exceptionally well to increase the self discipline and tackle the ineffective behaviors and habits that many traders slip into overtime.

    Does this sound like you?

    • You are down early on and the rest of the day you do risky trades trying to get it back.
    • You have a feeling about a particular stock and invest too much.
    • You use a ritual way of thinking which increases impulsivity.

    If you’re a day trader and are having problems with self discipline and magical thinking call me for a free consultation. Inga Chamberlain 770-560-4861

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