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The Secret Behind the Secret

The Secret Behind the Secret

Everyone has heard of the “Secret” and many people try to live what they understand the secret to be.  They think that if they focus on what they want to the exclusion of all else they will receive from the universe everything they desire.  One thing they overlook is the fact that with the law of attraction there is action that needs to follow the thought.  The other thing these seekers overlook is the fact that they are incapable of exclusively thinking in any particular way.

Changing the way you think is impossible when done in the conscious mind.  The conscious mind acts as a filter and colors our perception of everything.  The only way to change your thinking is to overcome the repetitive negative thinking that has been programmed into your subconscious. Once the thoughts change you will at least be capable of thinking and focusing the way you would like.

But I still hear people say to me that they believe if they sit on their couch and focus on manifesting  business it will simply flow to them.   This was never written in the law of attraction.  The law of attraction states that there must be action in order for anything to manifest in your life.  Also it doesn’t say when this will happen.  So the seed time or the time it takes to manifest has to be considered as well.

As is the case with the supposed real estate gurus, the law of attraction teachers are making money not from using the secret.  They are making money teaching everyone else about the secret.  If the secretworked in the way that these teachers say it does there should then be millions of people who are now manifesting wealth and abundance all over the place.

When you change your thinking you change yourself.  hypnosis/NLP is one of the fastest ways to change your thinking.  But simply thinking positive is not enough.  To become truly successful in life takes action.   Using hypnosis and NLP creates within the ability to overcome old negative programming which is the cause of procrastination. In other words when you get out of your own way you can accomplish amazing things.   Getting your thoughts to be congruent with your goals and then taking action to accomplish them is the true SECRET.

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